Kick-off Speech

August 22, 2018

I officially launched my 2018 campaign recently and wanted to share my comments on social media to ensure that the residents of East Gwillimbury know where I stand, what my vision is and why I am running for your Mayor.

I have been asked why am I running for a third term – Plain and simple!

I want to finish what we have started. I want to see the completion of projects that have commenced this past term, such as the opening of our Health and Active Living Plaza (including a pool, library, program rooms, a child care facility and several outdoor recreation facilities).

In the next 4 years, we will complete the 1st phase of our growth of 7,000 homes, welcoming over 24,00 people.

Commuters use roads in East Gwillimbury to travel between the two 400 series highways leaving our local roads congested with traffic. We will be working with the Mayor of Bradford to solve the gridlock on our roads between the 404 and the 400.

We have listened to residents’ concerns about the large population that South Lake Regional Health Centre is servicing and wait times. We are already into discussions with Southlake Hospital to find solutions at a local level for the increasing demand on health services.

We will work with the Provincial Government and our local MPP to deal with the delay of the Upper York Sewage Solution which will ultimately eliminate the Holland Landing Sewage Lagoons.

And finally, now is the time to address the need for quality broadband throughout our community. With our growing population, we now will be able to attract companies that will be able to serve our needs.

The past term has been a terrific 4 years with many accomplishments:

  • This past 4 years, East Gwillimbury our finances have had continuous management, ensuring we have a sustainable future.
  • We are debt free, have a surplus for emergencies, and reserves the highest they have ever been.
  • We have one of the lowest tax rates in the GTA while keeping taxes as low as possible and maintaining quality services.
  • We continue to increased parks, trails and green space for healthy families and have had  increase in full time firefighters to increase our safety

Economic vitality of our Town is critical. We’re so please to welcome Duca Credit Union in Mount Albert through Advantage EG and an active Economic Development committee. Other accomplishments:

  • Representation on the York Region Police Service Board and the LSRCA
  • Won several awards for best practices
  • Growth, New parks, new kilometers of trails, new residents, a ward system of electing Councillors, Live Streaming of all Council meetings and partnerships with not for profit organizations, local and Regional governments, the Conservation Authority, the private sector and the Provincial Government.

Last Month I celebrated 25 years as an elected official representing EG:

  • For 7 years I have served as your School Board Trustee
  • 10 Years as your voice as a Councillor
  • The Past 8 years leading a team as your Mayor

A Vibrant, Dynamic Town is being build right before our eyes!

So now, like never before, I need your support:

  • To Get the vote out
  • To canvas door-to-door
  • To put up signs

It’s exciting times in East Gwillimbury. I represent Positive Leadership with Proven Results and I want to serve this community as Mayor for the next 4 years

Thank you!


Commitment to Southlake Regional Health Centre

August 25, 2018

Many times East Gwillimbury residents tell me that they have concerns about how this busy hospital will

be able to handle all the new residents needs when the Hospital is already very busy. As a Town, we are expected to double in size by 2031 in addition to growth in other nearby communities.

I am a member of the Healthy Communities Alliance, created for mayors across the region by Arden Krystal, CEO of Southlake Regional Health Centre.

The Healthy Communities Alliance was launched in March, 2018; and, together, we identify and work on areas of common health concern for residents across this region.

I participate in the Healthy Communities Alliance as it gives me and other mayors a forum to voice health issues that are important to the residents of our growing communities.

The Healthy Communities Alliance gives me the opportunity to provide feedback on the health needs of you and other residents living in the communities of East Gwillimbury who rely on Southlake for their care.

As your mayor, I represent your voices in the Healthy Communities Alliance and I’m proud to bring insights and work on solutions to common health needs.

Additionally, Southlake is embarking on a new Strategic Plan 2019-2024. The hospital engaged with communities to inform its future development.

I participated in the community engagement session held June 18, 2018 in East Gwillimbury and I continue to be involved in the evolution of the health services provided by Southlake now and for the next decade and beyond on behalf of the people who live in East Gwillimbury.

I know Southlake is committed to planning for the growth that’s occurring here in our community.


East Gwillimbury Mayor Virginia Hackson running for re-election in 2018

July 17, 2018

East Gwillimbury Express
Article by Simon Martin

Link: York Region News Article: July 17, 2018