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Following a very successful 30-year career in developing expertise and wisdom in municipal management, Virginia maintained her desire to contribute to community building by running for East Gwillimbury Council where she was elected in 2000 and served for 10 years. Forty-two years after she began, and now in her second term as Mayor, Virginia has an acute understanding of the importance in providing quality Town services and managing growth while concurrently working to preserve the Town’s natural environment and cultural heritage.

Community Contribution & Recognition

Inspired by helping people gain the opportunity and resources to live well and reach their individual potential, Virginia has worked tirelessly to make her community a better place for all. She has lent her expertise to the Human Strategies Planning Coalition representing Arts, Culture and Heritage and she served as Executive Director of Artslink York Region, fostering and promoting creativity.

Professional Benefaction

Beyond serving as Mayor, Virginia has steadfastly represented the Town of East Gwillimbury in numerous professional capacities including:

  • As member of York Region Council;
  • As current Chair of the Audit Committee;
  • As member of the Broadband Strategy Task Force;
  • As member of the Senior’s Housing Strategy Task Forces;
  • As member of the Board for the Housing York Region;
  • As Director Cedar Centre (formerly York Region Abuse Program);
  • As Director Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority*;
  • As Director Royal Oak Seniors Board;
  • As current Chair of the York Region Police Services Board; and
  • As Trustee for York Region District School Board (seven years).

*Virginia has represented East Gwillimbury on the Board of Directors for the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority since 2001 and was Chair from January 2006 to January 2013. It was under her leadership that the LSRCA won the Thiess International Riverprize - the world’s most prestigious award for excellence in watershed management. She has also held the positions of Vice-Chair and Treasurer for Conservation Ontario.


Virginia is a lifelong learner, committed to continuous improvement through personal growth. She holds a BA and B Ed from the University of Waterloo, a Master’s Certificate in Municipal Management from York University and a Recreation Diploma from Conestoga College.

Mayor Hackson has lived in the same home in East Gwillimbury for 37 years and enjoys spending time with her Mom, three grown sons and their families.